Sunday, December 29, 2013

Print 2014 spring

Bluqui Adames Is always around personal designers but, this look is from truk fit from lil wayne. One of his sponsors as a promoter and branding manager. 
Bliqui is 31 and works as a marketing and branding for defjam and universal records for 18 yrs now. 
Mr. Adames Began in violator records in 98 with Yandy  and then went to defjam by 2000 by 2001-2002 
Where he branched off representing (alotbod) different old n new hiphop. Reggae. Soca and R&B artist
Bliqui has a urban ready look which he difinitely stepped out the box. Bliqui is wearing a pair of Jeans a 2014 fashion forward trend, that will be hitting big in the spring. Prints are in, This is spring 2014 trend. Ms fashtabusz always say  it depend on how you rock this look . Prints are not for every one .
This is just a little insite on urban wear , spring 2014 is looking promising 

Designer : Truk Fit by Lil Wayne 
As I always say "Lets stay looking fashtabusz together ! 

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