Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spring 2015 zepps

When where what. Dropping spring 2015 

Who has these .... Blue snake for 230.00 ioffer.com

Mustard / snakes zepps. Release date spring 2015

Red and gold zepps available now 
Price 250.00
Where : ioffer.com
And www.Giuseppezanotti.com

As Ms. FASH, get them I will bring you the where and when  and how to get your zepps  

Big bow

Ok ladies so look what I found yes big bow flats from Stella McCarthy not a bad price ...... 189.00 but the only hold up, the colors may vary , 

Available colors: black , blue , pink 

I would love these in red , but who knows , they may be added at a later date. 

I have not receives mine yet but soon as I do, I will give a full report on the big bow beauty.

www. Aminahshoe.com
Price: 189.00
Colors: blue, pink ,black

Also check : www.stellaMcCarthy.com

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Uggggggggggg please stop it !!!!!!!

Let's talk about .. How many Women own these⬆️and they look like this⬆️... Shoot , kill, dead , put them to rest ...... 
I can't understand why some women wear these UGG boots in the summer , winter , spring and fall .... These are winter /fall boots,further more if your support gives out  (UGGGGGG)....throw them away ... Aka buy your size." stop squeezing your feet in something you know you can not fit. "!!!!!!!

fashtabulusz fashion finds: Welcome Back!!!!

fashtabulusz fashion finds: Welcome Back!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Welcome Back!!!!

Well well I am back , Ms FASH , so it's seems when you look totally lavish , in the am people are not very receptive to your fashion ideas....
. Let's talk about .... When your wear skippies and sun glasses on the train ...... Should you , have something to say! 

Hmmmmn let's talk about it. Well it's that time for fashion fore- casting " let just say these colors " are my favorite for the fall slash , slash  winter
So a lil FYI major sale in old navy , channel . And H&M 5th ave .... Let's talk about it is almost time for daily fashion finds coming soon once again 
Ms. FASH is taking Fashion by the colar .... LETS STAY FASHTABULUSZ !!!!!!