Sunday, December 29, 2013

Print 2014 spring

Bluqui Adames Is always around personal designers but, this look is from truk fit from lil wayne. One of his sponsors as a promoter and branding manager. 
Bliqui is 31 and works as a marketing and branding for defjam and universal records for 18 yrs now. 
Mr. Adames Began in violator records in 98 with Yandy  and then went to defjam by 2000 by 2001-2002 
Where he branched off representing (alotbod) different old n new hiphop. Reggae. Soca and R&B artist
Bliqui has a urban ready look which he difinitely stepped out the box. Bliqui is wearing a pair of Jeans a 2014 fashion forward trend, that will be hitting big in the spring. Prints are in, This is spring 2014 trend. Ms fashtabusz always say  it depend on how you rock this look . Prints are not for every one .
This is just a little insite on urban wear , spring 2014 is looking promising 

Designer : Truk Fit by Lil Wayne 
As I always say "Lets stay looking fashtabusz together ! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Fellas what you think

What do you think ? Fashion forward, sleek , stylish. This sweater is difinitely is making a statement , this look can be accompanied by dark rinse jeans and white collar shirt or red and it can go great with a T-shirt and a stylish shoe or sneaker. Where can you find this sweater 
Cost: 52.00

Thursday, December 26, 2013

sparkle is coming

Its time for new years, I am currently working on looks for sparkles , city of light and Pitch black 
fashtabulusz will be posting ideas for all three events,for females and males. as you know I will be posting price and location of each item 

Look out for 2014 fashion forecasting  for spring and summer  
Let look fashtabulusz together! 

Fashion forecasting 2014

How do you feel about this look. Would you as a man wear these pants? Would you step out the box and be fashtabulusz . Well all I can say is "I love this look it's fashtabulusz". It is a bold statement, fashion forward ....he definitely stepped out the box . So yes this is the look for 2014 spring. I am bringing you the latest fashion forecasting. FYI be careful on how you rock those prints,pineapple are not for everybody.

So you know as Fashtabulusz say "Let's look fashtabulusz together!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fashtabulusz fashion finds

Breaking news the store that has all the party clothes downtown is closing ..... The whole store is 5.00 items that is ....... 
Right across the street from danice item that was 40.00 are 5.00 ladies this is your daily fashion find 

Location : downtown Bklyn a cross the street from Danice and jimmy jazz 
Items :5.00
Name of the store: ???????

Let's stay looking fashtabulusz together!

American boy newyork

American boy New York .... Yes give it up to this designer. Check out his website Instagram all link will be listed  below 
I must say not every man can wear a bow tie ,but American boy put it in a unique ways have to say I love the look very fashion forward , trendsetter
FYI One his designs was worn by Bow Wow off of 106  in BET  check it out on his page  let talk about it 

 Instagram @americanboyny
As I always say Let's look fashtabulusz together!

Winter white is here

Yes before it's too late , Aliexpress has this dress . It just shows off just enough to give you sex appeal, but it does not say I am desperate. We ladies have to present ourself classy but not trashy do you agree?

As I always say "Let's look fashtabulusz" together.
Where: Aliexpress
Price: 30.00 

Me fashion foward

Lets take it to the top Mr. Fashion Forward is giving it to you with this sleek Urban look 
From top to the bottom, from work to play. Rodrick always step out the box throwing all punches. As in my statement before every one can not wear a Bow Tie........ Loving the look , He is the true statement in fashion "The world is your Audience and the streets is your Runway"
 As I alway say Let's look fashtabulusz together! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dj Groove

DJ Groove stepping out the box for his birthday party. Mr debonair, Fashion forward. The award definitely goes to Groove , ..aside from his everyday wear he chose and upscale look which made a statement .... May I just add many DJ today will not do that , they need to be comfrontable while they play , that is # 1 for them. 10s all across the board ..... Look , style, fashion forward, details, well put together  Mr. Groove the best I have seen so far keep up the good work. Mr fashtabulusz 

As I always say let's look fashtabulusz together ! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dressing for black and gold

You are wondering what to wear to black and gold fashtabulusz will give you ideas to make a statement .... Keep watching 

As I always say Let's look fashtabulusz together! 

Let's talk spanx

Ok ladies we love bandage , lycra, and spandex dress also  legging, but we all can agree that we have seen several women with their belly hanging over or looking six months pregnant, I am one not to talk "Guilty" as charge .... Dimples in leggins looking cottage cheese oh no! Yes please! let use spanx please it smoove dimple flatten and will give you define curves

Pull it in ,smooth it out, and tuck it away , we want to look fashtabulusz at winter white✨✨✨✨✨✨  hint

Where: target,Burlington ,pay half, DSW

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finding the perfect shoe

Looking for the perfect shoe to dance in , comfrontiabilty is a must 
Yes I know ladies it sounds like I am going to talk about a granny shoes well
you are wrong . As far as I know you have to adjust ... How ? You are wondering  
1.put a maxi pad in your shoes 
2. Switch to ballerina shoes( cough not sleepers) Dr. Schols comfront  pads (big fan) Duane Reads 46.00
4 aresols have some cute shoes ......price. Varies
5. Wedges #1 winner , the wedge is overall more comfrontable then the pump 

 FYI ladies being a lady thickem.... We have a time limit in our shoe let's make every moment fierce 

 You know what I always say: Let's look fashtabulusz together!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter white looks

Hands down one of my  most favorite winter white outfits from @marshamariedesigns
Follow Ms Marsha on Instagram 
But as for me I will be making a statement in this outfit on  dec 21st 
 Pairing it up with Swarovski everything. Yes shining bright like diamond wrapped in snow bunny fur. When I step out I make a true statement ( Fashtabulusz)

Where : following @marshamariedesigns on Instagram 
Where: Lorrick designs (replica)
Cost: 60.00 includes all accessories
Lorrick Designs

Let's  look fashtabulusz together!

Winter white dec 21

Did some one say winter white , yes yes here is another Idea , sexy and sleek, 
Lorrick is taking orders for custom fit jumpers.
All I can say is accessorize  bold colors, metallics, or give it a sparkle Swarovski stones accessories , shoe belt and bag 
Two option to get this jumper 
Aliexpress  : 15.00 two weeks  shipping 
Lorrick designs: 50.00 includes all accessories 

Let's look Fashtabulusz together!

Winter white Dec 21

Here is another idea for winter white , by adding a gold plate belt which I will display later will make this look pop. All white , silver,gold shoes even wild animal print mix it up and have fun FYI I would rock this with a fur vest and belt I am just saying a little winter white bunny would make heads turn.  
Where: Lorrick designs 
Cost 50.00
Contact : 646-420-0054

Let's look fantabulous together !

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter white party dec 21

As I promise I will be posting fashion idea for up and coming parties , Winter White is coming December 21,2013 another fabulous idea 
Contact Lorrick at 646-420-0054
Price 65.00 
Let's look fashtabulous together 

Party thrill cookies and cream

Yes cookies and cream party is coming up ....... Let just say the price is worth it where  : Lorrick 
Price : 50.00

fashtabulusz fashion finds: Fashtabulous picks of the day

fashtabulusz fashion finds: Fashtabulous picks of the day @fashtabulous

Fashtabulous picks of the day

Well ladies I am back with the fashtabulous picks of the day ... A little FYI winter in white is coming up and I will be posting some sexy ideas and where to get them from 
As I always say let look fashtabulous together 

The first look replica , Aliexpress
Second  look contact fashion diva and dance hall
The third look

Long legs

Ladies are you ready for sexy long legs these sleek boots are great for any sexy look you are trying to put together . You can find them on cute 
As I always say let look fashtabulusz together 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mama Africa

I have to set the bar for the dress .... Sexy ,classy , and she makes it work , she won best dress at the all black affair. Mamaafrica has won a spot on fashtabulous wall of fame follow @mamaafrica in Instagram 
Let stay fashtabulous 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Put me over your knee

Mesmories ,truly sexy I have to get my hands on the these ....... Where you can find them is stamped across those sexy boots .... 
Let stay fashtabulusz together 

Can you make it work

Can you make it work this is definitely a bold statement ...... But color blocking is the way to go , a true fashionista can pull this off follow me on Instagram @fashtabulous as I put this look together 
Let look fashtabulusz together 

Iridescent returns

Do you think wearing a iridescent dress this season is a bold statement...... Well guess what! ...... with the right pumps and a bold clutch..... The look will sell off 
Another fashtabulous look for @mypartycloset  let's look fashtabulous together 

McQueen lives on

Alexander McQueen yes yes your legacy lives on ...... To be continued must find a replica the jack goes for 2,800. Yes being  fashionable does not mean we have to be broke doing ( replica) in order ...... 
Let's stay fashtabulous together 

Forever young

So ladies do you loves this skirt 
Well you know yours truly found it in forever 21  on sale for 10.80 yes yes yes so let's stay fantabulous together 

Daily fashion finds

Ok royal blue is definitely in , but the price is a little what you can say yikes , but I have saved the day I found the replica in Burlington for 39.99 get them while you can and let's stay fashtabulous