Thursday, January 30, 2014

1.79 bow-ties

All colors ,all styles , what for a 1.79 geeeeezzz. Ladies and Gents  get them while the trend is hot. As you know a bow tie can run you from 5.00 to 35.00. This all depends on where you go.
So yes , this my Fashtabusz fashion find for a 1.79
 Price .1.79 ( for the lot )
Where: Aliexpress 

Ms Fashtabulusz just hit you with a fashion find. Trends go in and out but style last forever 

As  Ms Fashtabusz always say" let's look fashtabulusz together!"

Eldredge knot

The eldredge knot is a unique fashion forward invention. This knot was uniguely done. A invention that is so fashion forward, definitely caught my fashion eye. I am ways on the prowl for the latest and newiest looks that are out there. I would love to see every man in one of these.

Let keep an fashion eye out for Mr. Eldridge. I have my fashion eye on you 

Well as I always say "let's look Fashtabusz together !"

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Graphic tees

2014/15 trend for the fellas are graphic tease. I am just giving you a little insight on the new trends. 2014/15 looks like it will be a repeat of the punk stage I maybe wrong but the graphic Tease are extreme and definitely making a fashion statement 

Let's welcome the graphic tease with open arms. Ms Fashtabulusz will be keeping a close eye on these graphic tease.

As I alway say" let' s stay fashtabulusz together "

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 blazer

Where do I start . 
Double breast blazer
Price: 37.50

Let's look fashtabulusz together 

Double breast blazer

These jackets seem to be a hot item 
People want to know where to get them
Price 37.50
Let's look fashtabulusz together


 Where do I start this young brother has truely evolved into a unique fashion statement. Phil is not afraid to wear bright unique colors, he loves to make a statement while working or at play. This brother has a unique intake on fashion, he could put anything on and look fashtabulusz. Phil currently works as a photographer capturing everyone's fun and fine moments of life. Phil has captured my fashion eye with his look attitude and professionalism . The smooth stylish risk taker , love the look , love the work .

Ms Fashtabusz will keep a fashion eye on Phil ... The work , the look , I call him Mr fashtabulusz 

The world is his audiance and the streets is his runway , make a pose snap snap because you are Mr Fashtabulusz 

As I always Say "let's look fashtabulusz together!"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hand dye 2014 summer

  So hand dye is back for the summer 2014 for some I guess it is ok, depends on how you wear this. Be careful because you can look like a big colorful mess . Fashtabulusz will always bring you the latest trends ,even though some them should of stayed In The 60's.. But hey this time around it may be a good look!

As Fashtabulusz alway say "Let look Fashtabusz together !" 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just in

Yes ladies I am back again .... This look I just put together. Definitely will make a statement. this look is fashion forward and chic .  I know you are wondering where I got these items from well they are listed below 

Dress: Aliexpress 
Price : 26.00

Price: 65.00 /both

As I promise I will bring you the best looks 
As I always say"let's look fashtabulusz together" !

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Miss versatile

Any women can wear  a dress, but it takes a true fashtabulusz women to pull off this look that a man should look great in. Miss. Versatile stepped out the box with her fashion foward trend bow tie trouser look. She definitely can change it up with out trying . Do you agree that Nicole's look is fashtabulously sleek and chic. Nicole's versatility in this look puts most men to shame. 
Fellas sit back take notes let Miss Versatile show you how it is supposed to be done.
Ms.Fashtabulusz hopes to see more fashtabulusz fashion from Ms Versatile 
The world is her Audience and the street is her Run Way! Fashtabulusz 

As I always say "Let's look fashtabulusz together!

Friday, January 3, 2014

The king Swady

Mr fashtabulusz Swady ,not to many men impress me with their look at sparkle but I like how King Swady carry himself Mr.Debonair  carried himself well,  fashion forward,sleek and clean. This look  definitely put him out the box. KingSwady is looking  great and have the attitude to carry that look. Fashtubulusz is Looking forward to Love Life. Impress me!
The world is your audience and the street is your Run Way! Fashtabulusz

As I always say  "let's look fashtabulusz together!"