Wednesday, September 9, 2015

70's Chic for the fall

Guess what's back ..... Yes the 70's... The wide leg fitted sexy pants are back .... So ladies it is safe now to pull them back out 👀.

But please oh please throw a mighty wedge underneath those wide legs .... We must keep it classy sexy and chic ....
Add a button down flowing shirt, make sure those wide legs pants snatch that waist .... So high waist is the only way to go 

Color scale : red is back for the fall 
Style :  chic 70's 
Shoes : LV 
Hand bag : Chanel
Shades: Chloe 

The 70's are back can you handle that 

Let's talk Chanel

Well well well .... Chanel you have top yourself again in my opinion ..... I would definitely get a pair of these in red snake .... Definitely have to find out more about these sexy snake pumps .chanel chanel Chanel!!!!!!!

Ms.Fash is a big fan .... And will alway be 
Even if you Come out with a brown paper bag it would be a chic paper bag 

Designer: Chanel
Price: tba
Location : tba